Time to change approach

P. Odetti

Section of Geriatrics, Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties (Di.M.I.), University of Genoa, Italy

Epidemiology of dementia is an extremely serious issue. The prevalence estimate in western world is increasing steadily and the figure of about 7 millions of cases is turning out to be in Europe 8 millions in 2020 and over 11 millions in 2040. Moreover, dementia is one of the main contributors (5th) to Years Lived with Disability among people over 65 years aged, according to the WHO report and the economical burden in Europe increased steeply by 20% from 2010 and 2015 (from 214 to 268 billions of euro) and the forecast is not better.

These dramatic data, associated with population aging, will lead to an unavoidable change in the health policymakers to face this epidemic-like occurrence. However, together with these data it is not possible to neglect the stage of the disease called mild cognitive impairment: MCI was developed in 1.7-22.6% of the study populations. The wide range of prevalence is determined by the still controversial diagnosis and by the population studied.

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