Therapy response variability in elder cardiac patients

V. Conti 1, T. Iannaccone 1, V. Manzo 1, P. Malangone 1, M. Costantino 1, 2 , A. Filippelli 1 

1Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry, University of Salerno-Baronissi, Italy; 1Association no profit F.I.R.S. Thermae (Interdisciplinary Training, Researches and spa Sciences), Bacoli, Naples, Italy

Cardiovascular drugs are among the most prescribed medications in the world and, despite their proven effectiveness, there is a large variability in the therapeutic response in term of both efficacy and tolerability with remarkable clinical consequences especially in elderly patients. Additionally, cardiovascular patients respond in a changing manner also to non-pharmacological therapeutic approaches, such as antioxidants supplementation and exercise training. This review focuses on factors, including biochemical and molecular variables, comorbidity, polypharmacy and life-style that may influence the response to the common cardiovascular pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments, paying particular attention to the emergent issue of cardiovascular pharmacogenetics.

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