HIV/AIDS epidemic among older adults in Brazil

S. Ferreira Jr 1, D. Cuoghi de Carvalho Veríssimo Freitas 2, J.P. Ferreira 3

1 Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil; 2 State University of Campinas, Brazil; 3 Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

Older adults in Brazil (individuals aged 60 years or older) accounted for 9.8% of the general population in 2005 and 14.0% in 2015. The invisibility of sexuality among older adults implies late diagnoses of HIV/AIDS in this population. The results of the present study lead to reflections regarding the representativeness of HIV/AIDS to the health of older adults and contribute data that can assist administrators, health professionals and others who work with the older population to rethink their attitudes during contact with such individuals and establish dialog addressing issues related to sexual activity, which could have an impact on the early diagnosis of HIV in this population.

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