Bronchial asthma in the elderly patient

L. Longobardi 1 , A. Di Giorgio 1 , F. Perrotta 1 , A. Costigliola 1 , F.S. Cerqua 1 , G. Cioffi 1 , I. Forzano 1 , M. Flora 1 , A. Cennamo 1 , C. Iadevaia 1 , C.M.E. Tranfa 1 , F. Stefanelli 2

1 Department of Cardio-Thoracic and Respiratory Sciences, Second University of Naples, Italy; 2  Division of Pneumology, AORN Dei Colli “Monaldi Hospital”, Naples, Italy

Asthma is a heterogeneous chronic inflammatory lung disease originating from a complex interaction between individual and environmental factors. As consequence of world population ageing an increase of chronic diseases prevalence, including asthma, has been documented. Late-onset asthma may have more complex pathogenic mechanisms other than Th2-mediated pattern. Diagnosis in older subjects is not straightforward as consequence of poor symptoms perception; in adults co-morbidities are associated with different asthma outcomes. A careful assessment and management of all potential concurrent disorders is essential to achieve a better disease control and an adequate response to treatment in elderly asthmatic patients.

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