Assessing the met and unmet needs among elderly people in Isfahan, Iran: a mixed method

M. Amini-Rarani 1, M. Nosratabadi 2

1 Health Management and Economics Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran; 2 Social Determinants of Health Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

Background. Due to the vast increasing of elderly population, it is required to assess the met and unmet needs among aged people. This study intended to identify and then assess met and unmet needs in a sample of older adults in Isfahan, Iran.

Methods. In this mixed study we carried out 5 focus group discussions with 50 elderlies aged 60 years and above. Then, checklist based survey was done regarding older peoples’ experience and perspectives about their needs in a randomly selected 350 elderlies in October-December 2016. 

Results. The findings indicated that the most educational level belonged to Diploma and above (49.6%). The most areas of unmet needs among elderlies dedicated to happiness (90%), giving help from state and charity institution (60.9%), places for entertainment (57.6%), extra income during aging period (52.6), followed by providing recreational spaces(45.9%) and self-cleaning(42.6%). respectively. The area characterized by the highest percentage of met need was access to general physician (86.2%) followed by relation with children and grandchild (85%).

Conclusions. Based on four categories recognized in the current study, supportive, emotional, cultural and healthcare needs were prioritized as the most unmet needs by elderlies, respectively. Thus, it is suggested that policy makers will pay more attention to fulfil elderlies’ emotional and supportive needs in Isfahan. 

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